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Richard J. Oko

  Reproductive and Developmental Biology

  Contact Information:  
  Associate Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology
B.Sc. (Calgary); M.Sc. (Calgary);
Ph.D. (Saskatchewan)

Tel: (613) 533-2858
Fax: (613) 533-2566
E-Mail: ro3@post.queensu.ca

  My research is focused on the molecular and developmental biology of specialized mammalian sperm head and tail components and their roles during fertilization. For example, over the past few years we have been characterizing the proteins making up the perinuclear theca (PT) which is a proteinaeous shell that covers the eutherian sperm nucleus. We have evidence to suggest that the PT is involved in acrosome-nuclear docking, sperm-oolemma binding and oocyte activation. Our quest now is to find out which PT proteins are responsible for the above interactions and what the mechanisms of interactions are. We are also actively involved in characterizing the proteins of outer dense fibers and fibrous sheath of the sperm tail and of the inner acrosomal membrane of the sperm head. In summary, we are interested to know how specialized sperm proteins are involved in germ cell differentiation (spermatogenesis) and in fertilization.

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